House and Garden Spiders (Laminated ID Chart)

Looking for an identification guide/chart to house and garden spiders?
This 8-panel laminated guide/chart is designed for speedy spider identification in the home or in the garden.


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The only Identification Guide to House and Garden Spiders you will ever need!

Spiders have eight legs and many spin webs to catch their prey but how much do you know about these fascinating, widespread but much maligned creatures?

Concentrating on 40 species of spiders that you are most likely to find in buildings or in gardens, this 8-panel laminated fold-out chart is designed to help everybody quickly to identify the spiders that they see.

Full colour illustrations, arranged by habitat, on one side, are complemented with a table of spider identification features, habitat and methods of prey capture on the other. Line drawings show the range of webs that can be produced by different species.

The chart is laminated to make it splashproof and robust for outdoor use. Clear colour illustrations and text by experts in the subject make these valuable resources for all age groups and abilities and is widely used by schools, community groups, wildlife volunteer groups and by staff and volunteers working for environmental organisations. This chart comes highly recommended and is great value for money.


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Dimensions 175 × 245 mm


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