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Butterflies are the equivalent of the 'canary in a coal mine', a measure of the health of the environment. Short and varied life-cycles and specific habitat needs provide a clear indication of the health of the environment.

Our most familiar butterflies such as the Small Tortoiseshell are now becoming increasingly uncommon. Our rarest butterflies like the High Brown Fritillary are at serious risk of extinction as a result of habitat loss and habitat fragmentation and many other species are declining at an alarming rate.

None of this bodes well for other wildlife as butterflies are part of a complex food chain upon which humans ultimately rely for our own survival.

Steven Cheshire

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Our online stock photo library is constantly updated with only the highest quality photographs of British Butterflies and their different life stages, food plants and habitats, perfect for a wide range of media publications from print to digital.

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British Butterflies on the wing in December
There are 1 species of butterfly which generally occur in Britain during December . Recent mild winters have influenced emergence dates during the following spring and summer resulting in consistently earlier sightings. The result of global warming? You decide.

Red Admiral
Red AdmiralView species information
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  • British Butterflies Species List British Butterflies Species List Descriptions, photographs, identification tips, distribution maps and much more.
  • Collecting Butterflies Collecting Butterflies Can collecting wild butterflies to be pinned for display purposes be a legitimate pastime?
  • Conservation of Butterflies and Moths Conservation of Butterflies and Moths With the loss of wild habitats, the effects of pollution, urban expansion and increasing human population, how can our wildlife survive?

Butterfly species
Discover more about the 59
species of native butterfly
in my online guide to
British Butterflies

British Butterflies
Butterfly identification
Use our new online identification
using a series of simple
questions to help you identify
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European butterflies
Just a few species that
I have encountered
during my travels in

European butterflies
With the loss of habitats, effects
of pollution, 'development'
and increasing population,
how can our wildlife survive?

Conservation of butterflies
Protected species
Many of our butterfly species
are protected to some extent
but does such 'protection'
actually work?

Protected species
From free exclusively available
pdf downloads, trip reports, web
links and butterfly recording
with much more to come.

Butterfly recording
Find out more about recording
butterflies and why these
records are vitally important
and how YOU CAN HELP.

Butterfly recording
From gardening tips
to advice on rearing
caterpillars. We even
have a quiz!!

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Collecting butterflies
Can collecting wild
butterflies to be pinned
for display purposes be
a legitimate pastime?

Collecting butterflies
Latest news
Rare Butterflies show sign of recovery.
New data shows that some of Britain's
most threatened butterflies showed
encouraging signs of recovery
last year.
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