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Image ID BB2302 - Gatekeeper - © Debbie Cheshire
Gatekeeper male (imago)
BB2302 ©
Image ID BB2227 - Gatekeeper - © Steven Cheshire
Gatekeeper male (imago)
BB2227 ©
Image ID BB2226 - Gatekeeper - © Steven Cheshire
Gatekeeper male (imago)
BB2226 ©
Image ID BB2225 - Gatekeeper - © Steven Cheshire
Gatekeeper male (imago)
BB2225 ©
Image ID BB2149 - Gatekeeper - © Steven Cheshire
Gatekeeper  (pupae)
BB2149 ©
Image ID BB2148 - Gatekeeper - © Steven Cheshire
Gatekeeper  (pupae)
BB2148 ©
Image ID BB2147 - Gatekeeper - © Steven Cheshire
Gatekeeper  (pupae)
BB2147 ©
Image ID BB2146 - Gatekeeper - © Steven Cheshire
Gatekeeper  (pupae)
BB2146 ©
Image ID BB2080 - Gatekeeper - © Steven Cheshire
Gatekeeper  (larvae)
BB2080 ©
Image ID BB2079 - Gatekeeper - © Steven Cheshire
Gatekeeper  (larvae)
BB2079 ©
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