Butterflies of Britain (Laminated ID Chart) and Caterpillars of Butterflies of Britain & Ireland (Laminated ID Chart) OFFER

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Butterflies of Britain (Laminated ID Chart) and Caterpillars of Butterflies of Britain & Ireland (Laminated ID Chart).

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Both charts are laminated to make them splashproof and robust for outdoor use. Clear colour illustrations and text by experts in the subject make these valuable resources for all age groups and abilities and is widely used by schools, community groups, wildlife volunteer groups and by staff and volunteers working for environmental organisations. These charts comes highly recommended and are great value for money.

1. The only Identification Guide to British Butterflies you will ever need!
This 8-panel laminated identification guide is as you might expect, our most popular title. It is designed for speedy butterfly identification in the field.
Colour illustrations are arranged so similar looking species of butterfly are grouped next to each other to allow quicker and accurate identification. The guide includes all 57 butterfly species that you are likely to see across the whole of the UK. All of the illustrations are depicted at life size by renowned butterfly illustrator Richard Lewington. The text gives further background information on the life-cycle, habitats and feeding patterns of butterflies.

2. The perfect companion – Caterpillars of Butterflies of Britain & Ireland
Butterflies have four stages in their life cycle (egg – caterpillar – pupa – butterfly). This Caterpillars of Butterflies of Britain & Ireland 8-panel laminated fold-out chart shows colour images of the caterpillars of 57 of the more commonly encountered species in Britain and Ireland. Information on the distribution, food plants and life cycle of each species illustrated is included.

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