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British Butterflies & Moths Anagrams
1) Married Lad
2) Ornate Pig
3) Eager Bull
4) His Aberrant Work
5) Irritable Lady Prefer Lord
6) Sweetheart Hit Rik Later

7) Crab Oil Mash
8) Reward Best Scorecard
9) Potent Wild Song
10) Old Small Mellow Twit

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British Butterflies and Moths General Knowledge Quiz
1) Which butterfly shares part of its name with a wine-growing region in France?
2) Which is the UK's largest butterfly and what is its full latin name?
3) Which British species became extinct in the 1850's due to drainage of the Fens?
4) Name the 5 British butterflies that are protected by the Wildlife & Countryside Act?
5) Name the 5 butterfly species that have gone extinct in Britain in the last 150 years?
6) What is the name of the most recently discovered species of British butterfly?
7) In which County did Eleanor Glanville discover the Glanville Fritillary in the 1690's?
8) What is the common name for Autographa gamma?
9) Which butterfly that occurred in England until 1976 is now only resident in Scotland?
10) Which is the UK's smallest butterfly and what is its Latin Name?
11) Which British butterfly is named after a punctuation mark?
12) Name all 16 species of Clearwing Moth known to occur in the British Isles.
13) What term is used to describe the scent-producing scales on the wings of male butterflies?

Answers to General Knowledge Quiz
Word Square
How many words of 3 or more letters (no plurals) can you make using the letters only once. Each word is worth 3 points.

Can you find the name of a 9-letter butterfly using all the letters only once? This 9-letter word is worth 5 points.


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British Butterflies Picture Round
Name the species of british butterfly based on the images below:

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12

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