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British Butterflies: Education
Our education section is ideal for those looking to learn just that little bit more about butterflies and moths.

Common butterflies?
Many people will tell you that butterflies were a far more common sight 50 years ago than they are today... yet why is it that we still describe some species as being 'common'?

Common butterflies.
Gardening for butterflies
With over 50 resident species of butterflies in Britain, approximately 15 are likely to occur in most urban gardens across the UK.

You don't need a large garden to attract butterflies, but you do need the correct types of flowers for them to visit your garden to feed.

However, you can also attract butterflies by providing the correct plants on which their caterpillars feed to make your garden even
more attractive to them.

Gardening for butterflies.
Black-veined White 'taken in' Provence, France in 1967 available for sale on Ebay in 2011.Collecting butterflies
Collecting butterflies in Victorian and Edwardian Britain was a popular pastime which lasted well into the 1970's. Today there are a few people who still collect butterflies by catching and killing butterflies taken from the wild but this is now generally thought to be unacceptable except in exceptional cases where scientific research is undertaken.

Left: Black-veined White 'taken' in Provence, France in 1967 available for sale on Ebay in 2011.

Collecting butterflies.
Rearing butterflies
Rearing a few caterpillars can provide . Learn and experience first hand the life cycle of butterflies by following a few simple rules and avoid causing damage to wild populations and their habitats.

Rearing butterflies.
Aberrations, forms and variations
Sometimes due to a variety of reasons, the patterns on a butterflies wings may vary from the normal pattern. These variations can be part of the natural variation within a species or a genetic defect in the individual.

Aberrations, forms and variations.
Butterflies in Winter
Most butterflies seen during the winter are found in sheds and out-houses. They also hibernate in natural hollows in trees, caves, rock crevices and other spaces, protected from the worst of the British weather.

Butterflies in winter.
Butterfly photography
With more and more people having access to different types of photographic equipment, butterfly photography has become a popular pastime with many highly accomplished butterfly photographers in the UK.

Butterfly photography.
Technical terms
Many technical terms are used to describe butterflies, their life-cycle, biology etc and many are used on this web site. Our list of technical terms and their means will help make sense of it all.

Technical terms.
Fun and games
Just for fun, we have one or two games to you to play including a word square, general knowledge quiz, butterfly identification picture round and anagrams to help get the grey matter in gear.

Fun and games.