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If you would like to use one of my images, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Low Cost Images for Charities
Registered UK charities involved in the environmental sector only pay an admin fee of £25.00 per image for a single use licence. Order more than 10 images and receive a further 10% discount. All high resolution images supplied by email only.
Free Licences for Selected Charities
Registered UK charities listed below may use any of the photographic images shown on this web site free of charge. Written permission is still required so you still need to contact me first and provide details of the usage of the image in order to avoid any copyright issues.

Butterfly Conservation
As an active committee member of Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire, I have chosen to make all of my images available to Butterfly Conservation and its regional branches for absolutely no charge whatsoever. and

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust
My local branch of the Wildlife Trust

Please contact me to request images which can be supplied by email or on CD.
Free for Personal Use
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